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28 Jan 2020
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Specification of Electro Motor Baldor

Our customers, Baldor offers a range of excellent quality from Motors. Baldor Motors is made of high-quality raw materials that ensure high durability in the user's part.

Baldor Motors is very popular in the market. Different sizes and designs are easily available on the market. Baldor is available at the most competitive prices and the best shipping options.

Baldor is one of the leading low voltage induction motor manufacturers in the world, with years of experience.

supply various AC and DC motors in the voltage range. the motor offers unmatched quality and reliability,

So when you decide to use a motor - Power Output: 0.18 to 710 kW; 0.25hp to 950 hp, according to IS: 325 / IEC 600034 standard

Frame size: 71 to 400

Voltage: 415V; 220V, 440V, 460V, 690V

Frequency: 50Hz; 25 - 60Hz

Task: S1 - S8

Ambient temp: -20 ° C to 70 ° C

Isolation: Class B / Class F / Class H


Main dimensions:

The foot is installed according to IS: 1231 standard

Flange mounted according to IS: 2223 standard


Fully Enclosed Cooling Fan (TEFC)

Fully Cooled Closed Surface (TESC)

Protected Drip Proof Screen (SPDP)

Really Closed Forced Cooled (TEFC)


IC 411 (TEFC)

IC 00 41 (TESC)

IC 01 (SPDP)

IC 416 (TEFC)

Heavy duty design

Baldor's electric and mechanical design offers the highest performance values ​​in all installation settings, protection classes and applications. Insulation scheme

Low voltage motors have a unique polyamide-based F 'insulation insulation class, which is intended for 155 ° C with a temperature increase limited to the' B 'class which offers high electrical and mechanical stability.

Winding Motors is wrapped in a high quality round enamel cable that complies with IS: 13730 standard. To ensure longevity, stators are impregnated with the resulting solvent-free resin

in good thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength.


Ventilation circuits have been optimally designed based on aerodynamic and acoustic considerations. Drive frequency converter

The motor is suitable for operation with variable frequency drives for certain speed ranges that require minimal changes.

Low noise level

The motor is designed to minimize electromagnetic, air and structural noise. The enclosure motor house is equipped with deep longitudinal fins designed to provide maximum cooling

surface area. Integrated legs ensure that the frame is stiff and resistant to vibration.

Installation flexibility

Double mounting holes are provided for mounting flexibility. Polyurethane (UP) motorbike paints are painted with PU paint, which provides protection against corrosion and also gives

the motorbike is a very good end result.

colors recommended by clients are also accepted on request at an additional cost

The voltage range for extra versatile motors is matched with the standard voltage applicable anywhere in the world, namely 380V 415V 440V 460V.

However, motors for 200 to 550V can also be provided on request.

Easy connection from the terminal box, the design allows for flexible orientation.

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